Add Your Call To Action To Any
Content You Share!

ZUBBit Allows You to Overlay Your Own Custom Message Over Any Website Content, Creating an Opportunity For You to Include a Call-To-Action With Every Link You Share


Be Social & Share Great Content With Others
And Get Clicks & Traffic At The Same Time!

ZUBBit Is Highly Configurable & Easy To Use!

  • ZUBBit is Packed With Lots of Features!

    ZUBBit has some very powerful features allowing you to really leverage any content from any website to get you clicks and conversions.

  • New Features Being Added All The Time!

    We are constantly testing and seeing what works and listening to our members and adding new and even more great features all the time.

  • Need Some help?

    We’ve got lots of great video tutorials and articles on our blog to help you get the best and maximize your results from ZUBBit.

  • Friendly User Interface

    ZUBBit has been built with a really friendly and easy to use user interface whilst still giving you some very great features.

  • Stats Dashboard

    Lots of great stats are available to see how many clicks your ZUBB’s are getting and how they are converting.

  • Easy Customization

    ZUBBit is very easy to customize whilst allowing for some really powerful ways to configure. It’s so easy to use.

Lets Take A Look At How
ZUBBit Works...

ZUBBit is an incredibly powerful software tool for marketers, advertisers or businesses building their brand online. It enables you to turn content sharing into clicks & conversions by letting you add your own call-to-action to any content from any website you share.

So don't just share it ZUBBit!

You can share content from any of your favorite websites, like Mashable, TechCrunch, CNN but the difference is instead of just sharing great content you can now add your own call-to-action to those websites and share a ZUBBit link instead. That link will still take the viewer to the content but they will now see the content PLUS your call-to-action.


ZUBBit Is Packed Full Of Features!

  • ZUBBit Design Library

    ZUBBit comes Pre-Loaded with some great Collections of Designs that you can use to create your ZUBB’s with. These have been designed to make your call-to-actions look really unique and we are adding new collections all the time.

  • Create Your Own Designs

    If you want to create your own look and feel that more suits your branding on your ZUBB’s then we give you a fantastic design tool that lets you configure every element of your ZUBB’s look and feel to make them really unique to you.

  • Unlimited Designs

    We really want you to let your imagination flow and experiment with as many great ZUBB designs as you want. So on all accounts you can create unlimited designs and test to see what works best for you.

  • Inline Custom ZUBB Styles

    For the Advanced users ZUBBit has Inline Custom Styles which takes ZUBB designs to the next level, allowing you to add your own custom Tags and CSS into your ZUBB’s to create something truly unique and eye catching.

  • What Else Can I do?

    Using the design tool you’ve got control of all the colors, borders, padding, shadow affects, fonts and positioning of your ZUBB. You’ve also got spacing controls, transparency and rotation controls. The list goes on and on. You can do almost anything with them!

  • What's Coming Soon?

    We’ve got a fantastic road map of functions coming along that will let you do things like embed Video and Audio into your ZUBB’s plus animated effects. We really do have lots to come and would love to hear your ideas as to what you’d like to see.

  • Create Brands & Call-to-Actions

    ZUBBit gives you full management of the Brands and Call-To-Actions that you can use on your ZUBB’s with powerful re-use features which lets you re-brand old ZUBB’s instantly.

  • Hidden Zubbs

    Hidden ZUBB’s is a great feature that lets you just share great content with no visible ZUBB but with background Pixel Tracking to build you a custom re-targeting audience.

  • RSS Feeds (Coming Soon!)

    We’ve got RSS Feeds coming soon which will let you create ZUBB’s on auto-pilot and distribute them automatically via platforms like Hootsuite & Buffer.

  • Retargeting Pixel Tracking

    ZUBBit allows you to add re-targeting/re-marketing Pixel Tracking into your ZUBB’s. This lets you create custom audiences for re-targeting on platforms like AdRoll or Facebook.

  • Google Analytic Tracking

    You can embed Google Analytic Tracking into your ZUBB’s which then lets you get fantastic statistics on your viewers.

  • Data Dashboards

    With our easy to use Dashboards you can easily see the performance in clicks and conversions of your ZUBB’s and see what’s working and what’s not.

  • Email Support

    We’ve got email support from our team for all queries or troubleshooting. We try and get all queries sorted out fast but remember to check out the Blog and Facebook Group first.

  • ZUBBit Blog

    The ZUBBit Blog is packed full of articles and videos to help you get the best of the platform and troubleshoot any problems.

  • Facebook Group

    We’ve got an exclusive Facebook Community for all our members where you can exchange experiences.

Add Your Call To Action
To Any Content You Share!


Share Your ZUBBit Links And Get
Clicks & Traffic

ZUBBit generates unique 6-digit codes which make up short URL links called ZUBB's for you to share.

When someone clicks on your ZUBB link they will see the content you shared PLUS your very important message and Call-To-Action overlayed on top.

For example, if you click on, you'll see our ZUBB, containing our message and Call-To-Action in the bottom left-hand corner of the article.

Check it out!


ZUBBit is a Game Changer for The Online
Marketing & Advertising Community

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Any More Questions?

  • q-iconDoes ZUBBit work on every website on the web?

    Whereas we believe ZUBBit will work with most websites, we obviously can’t guarantee that as it’s impossible for us to test every website in the world! but we believe it works with most.

  • q-iconDoes ZUBBit have an Affiliate Program?

    Yes we do and we always happy to welcome new Affiliates who wish to recommend ZUBBit to others and get commissions for any sales. We have a generous commission plan letting you earn up to 50% on recurring sales.

  • q-iconIs there anything black-hat in the way ZUBBit works?

    Absolutely not. The technology we use has been around on the web since 1997 and publishers can choose to allow this sort of content sharing or not with a simple tweak to their website. Most like the extra traffic ZUBBit gives them!

  • q-iconCan I share my ZUBB's on Social Media?

    yes you can share your ZUBB’s virtually anywhere and Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the perfect places as people will continue to share your ZUBB links with others whilst your call-to-action sticks.